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DSCN1207The light summer fog lifts as another day begins at the farm.

Artificial Insemination Breeding Days will be September 27 and 28, 2017.

Several quality Harris daughters available, call for details…

Son of Ostler Hill Chequers born 2017 available, call for details…

We were featured in Sheep Magazine. See the “news” section and click on SHEEP ARTICLE

Maple Hill Farm was established by Leonard and Janey Servinski in the early 1980’s. For many years they raised and showed Hackney Ponies. The conversion of pony barns began when their grandchildren introduced them to the sheep they raised for their 4H projects in Midland County. The Servinskis dispersed their ponies in 2010, and continued with three small flocks of foundation sheep, including Len’s Suffolks from Renn-Vue Farm in Michigan, Teeswaters from Ewes In Color in Oklahoma, and Leicester Longwools from flocks in Virginia and West Virginia. They worked closely with additions of Leicester Longwools from their neighbor, Laurie Ball-Gisch at Lavender Fleece, and the relationship continues to this day.

IMG_5418-CropIn early 2014, Servinskis made arrangements with Brenton Heazlewood, in Tasmania, Australia, to collect one of his Leicester Longwool Rams, “Melton”, a standout sire at Melton Park Leicester Longwool stud. The frozen semen arrived in late spring. Glen Erickson of New Frontier Genetics in Wellsville, Utah, came to Maple Hill  for a special breeding day to do the LAI, and both Maple Hill ewes and Lavender Fleece ewes lambed in late February, 2015 achieving a high percentage success rate of quality lambs with the inseminations.  This initial importation expanded into a multi-year agreement with Brenton Heazlewood at Melton Park English Leicester stud to import another sire’s semen in 2015, “TASMAN”, who is a combination of Tasmanian and New Zeeland genetics.  This second  shipment has arrived, and with it the opportunity for totally new genetics for American breeders.  Breeders will use semen from the first two rams in 2015 and 2016, and a third shipment of another unrelated ram is anticipated for 2017.   Len and Janey are very excited about this project and the opportunity it brings for others to use the semen to introduce new genetics in their flocks. To that end, another open breeding clinic has been scheduled for October, 2015 at Maple Hill Farm. Janey has retired from Education. Len and their son Charles own and continue to operate Maple Hill Nursery and Equipment, a retail nursery/garden center in Midland, Michigan, founded in 1978. www.maplehill-midland.com  The nursery is located adjacent to the farm just north of the local business district. The Servinskis grandchildren live closeby, and come each day to work with their animals.   The teenagers own and breed sheep, and belong to the 4-H Club, OUR LEGACY.


Maple Hill Farm
Leonard and Sarah Jane Servinski
2674 North Eastman Road
Midland, Michigan 48642

Phone: (989) 631-2796
Fax: 989-631-9464

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